ARA Welcomes Professional Automotive Recyclers from Around the World to the International Roundtable

Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) welcomed delegates and professional automotive recyclers to the 7th Annual International Roundtable on Automotive Recycling, November 10-12, 2013, in downtown Phoenix, Ariz. The International Roundtable (IRT) is the global forum to discuss auto recycling, and issues such as global salvage acquisition, backyard competition, government interaction, OEM data, industry consolidation, and parts procurement.

“Our goal is that the industry of automotive recycling operates consistently worldwide,” says Michael Wilson, ARA CEO. “We accomplish this through open communications and forums such as the IRT. ARA is unique because of it’s global reach. The IRT strengthens relationships and dialogue between our international affiliate chapters and countries seeking to establish common solutions to common problems.”

The IRT was formed out of the desire for the premier national auto recycling associations to get together and share knowledge, resources, challenges, and successes. Initially, the associations gathered on a more informal level to present what they were working on and to learn from one another. Gradually over time, it became apparent that there were reoccurring problems within the industry, yet many different approaches to addressing these problems. The IRT was established to address this in a more formal setting, and has been hosted in different countries each year. This year, ARA was proud to host the IRT in the United States directly following the association’s 70th Annual Convention and Exposition.

“Our key stakeholders – manufacturers, insurers, shredders, and increasingly repairers – are all operating on a global stage. Even governments look around the world to see how other governments are approaching problems,” says ARA President, Ed MacDonald. “Vehicles, technology, metal markets are all global. It is becoming increasingly important that auto recyclers, too, participate in the global exchange of ideas, knowledge, expertise, and develop a footprint for the best interests of auto recyclers worldwide.”

The event included country reports, global presentations, and facilitated roundtable discussions, as well as networking and social events.