Automotive Recyclers Association Joins Transportation Secretary in Calling on Automakers to Provide Access to OEM Parts Numbers to Promote Consumer Safety

Leaders of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) join U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx in calling on automakers to provide industry partners access to critical original equipment manufacturers (OEM) part information to identify manufacturers’ recalled parts in the automotive parts supply chain. Following a February 11, 2015 hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation, Secretary Foxx, in response to a question submitted by Representative Sam Graves, stated his belief for the hearing record that automakers should provide “parts numbers related to recalls” in an “efficient and easy-to-use format directly to recyclers and others who need the information”. Foxx also commented that “this approach would not require the government to be the go-between or require the creation and expense of a new government program to collect and distribute the information.”

ARA supports the Secretary’s statement and ARA’s CEO Michael E. Wilson further noted that “the complexity of today’s automotive supply chain and unprecedented number of motor vehicle safety recalls underscores the importance of access to VIN-specific OEM parts numbers and other identifying information.” Over the past four years, ARA has initiated over one hundred meetings regarding recall safety with Administration officials, Members of Congress, automakers, suppliers, consumer groups and others around the world to illustrate the critical connection between safety recall campaigns, OEM parts data, and all players in the automotive parts supply chain. ARA also has communicated frequently with its membership and affiliated organizations, representing 4,500 professional automotive recycling facilities, about the need to identify recalled parts in their inventory and the importance of OEM parts data to consumer safety.

“Part suppliers, manufacturers, government regulators, consumers groups and others must all work together to develop a system under which recalled parts are correctly identified, tracked and remedied or retired from service,” said Wilson. In this extremely volatile time of safety recall campaigns, ARA joins with Secretary Foxx and calls on all stakeholders to pool collective resources to promote consumer safety while supporting a vibrant and quality parts market. ARA agrees with Secretary Foxx that no new government program needs to be developed to share this data; rather the automakers simply need to remove the barriers they have set up that currently block access to part data. Wilson cautioned that “without access to this data, faulty parts may not be isolated and removed from the market, and the safety of our nation’s drivers could be compromised.”