ARA Presents at 2017 International Automobile Recycling Congress

ARA CEO Michael Wilson presented today at the International Automotive Recycling Congress (IARC) in Berlin, Germany. Leading representatives of the international automobile recycling industry came together in Berlin for the annual international event. From March 22 to 24, approximately 200 attendees and 20 exhibitors from 22 different countries assembled in the German capital to participate in a wide-ranging program which included nearly 30 presentations.

ARA’s presentation was entitled “Automotive Manufacturers Take Circular Economy Detour”. Wilson noted that despite touting commitments to the basic tenants of a circular economy – recovering all products, components and materials at their highest utility and value – automakers are now opposing the fundamental reutilization of their company’s very own parts once they have left a dealership.

In his presentation, Wilson articulated that it is time for automakers to abandon these anti-environmental positions on the reutilization of OEM parts — the very parts that their companies manufactured. Auto manufacturers must be held to stand by the durability and quality of the parts they produce. Automakers also must be required to go beyond a narrow policy of material reuse to one that requires corporate support of basic reuse principles that accept the reutilization of OEM parts and components for their same application that maximizes the life cycle value of a product that offers greater environmental benefits.

ARA urged all professional auto-motive recyclers to globally join together to hold the automakers accountable on these important economical and environmental issues.