Recycled OE Parts a Solution to GM Part Scarcity Amid Strike

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) today is encouraging all vehicle owners and automotive service providers to utilized Recycled Original Equipment (ROE) parts as a solution to the growing replacement parts shortage due to the ongoing United Automobile Workers Union strike.

“As recent media reports indicate, the ongoing UAW strike is impacting GM part suppliers, repair facilities and drivers across the country,” said ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock. “We want our colleagues in the repair industry and the general public to know that professional automotive recyclers across the country stand at the ready to provide quality, safe, ROE General Motors parts to get those cars back on the road. We have those fenders, bumpers, and other parts in stock.”

Professional automotive recycling operations supply ROE parts to both retail and wholesale customers, providing parts that cost 20-80 percent less than comparable new replacement parts.

“Our member facilities have robust product assurance and quality control procedures in place to identify parts that do not meet industry accepted standards. These operational safeguards distinguish the parts sold by ARA member businesses,” said ARA President, Chad Counselman. “Our ROE parts meet OEM requirements. They are OEM parts, designed by the OEM, and built to meet the OEM requirements for fit, finish, durability, reliability and safety. Recycled parts are the answer for those looking for safe, quality, and economical parts to fix their vehicle.”

In 2018 ARA launched a public awareness campaign “Choose Recycled Parts” aimed at educating consumers about their replacement part options and the many benefits of ROE parts. At the same time, ARA ran a nationwide media placement in FenderBender magazine to reach the collision repair population. “ROE parts can provide a real, viable solution during this GM parts shortage,” said Blalock. “It’s a win/win for everyone.”