ARA Steps Up in Response to NSF Exit from Automotive Recycler Certification Program

ARA announced today that in response to the recent announcement from NSF International that effective September 30, 2019 NSF will exit the Automotive Parts Certification business, ARA is taking immediate steps to mitigate the impact this will have on the professional automotive recycling industry.

“ARA recognizes the serious time and finances that many of our members around the country and around the world had already invested in pursuing the NSF Automotive Recycler Certification Program over the past two years,” said ARA Executive Director Sandy Blalock. “We know the recognition that this accreditation would have provided was especially important for our international members when it comes to electronic commerce. ARA is the only international association representing the professional automotive recycling industry and we are working diligently to meet the certification needs of all automotive recyclers.”

“This announcement will have a major impact on the entire automotive parts industry,” said ARA President Jonathan Morrow. “ARA has always recognized the importance of certification and remains committed to enhancing its Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) and Gold Seal Programs, as well as meeting the needs of those members seeking further certification and accreditation. We will continue to discuss with industry stakeholders the implications of this announcement from NSF and will continue to provide professional automotive recyclers with a set of standards that will raise the bar for not only their business but the entire industry. We are working swiftly to leverage the knowledge, experience and insight that many of our members contributed to the NSF program into a benefit that can be offered to the membership.”